About the company:

Tovey-Perry Co. was founded in 2010 by Jayson Tovey and Travis Perry and has steadily been growing by continuously increasing its workforce and equipment assets. The company cultivates a culture of excellence that is evidenced by outstanding relationships with their customers, industry partners, employees, and by the quality of their work.  


Our Philosophy:

From day one, Tovey-Perry Co. has endeavored to be a company that lives up to the standards set forth by their customers and community. A building is a legacy that will endure for generations, and Tovey-Perry Co. is proud to stand behind each and every project in its portfolio.  


Tovey-Perry Co.
4389 North Long Road
Columbus, IN 47203
(812) 376-7496
Our People:

Tovey-Perry Co. seeks to redefine the perception of jobs in the construction industry. At a time when fewer young people are pursuing construction as a profession, Tovey-Perry Co. actively seeks young talent with the goal of helping individuals understand that being a tradesperson is a valid career path with a profitable livelihood. Through mentoring and apprenticeship, and by paying employees a fair wage, Jayson Tovey and Travis Perry are building a company they hope will continue to make its mark for years to come.  

Jayson Tovey

Jayson started his career working for a high-end homebuilder in Columbus where he learned the value of fine craftsmanship. Today, Jayson focuses on jobsite management and finding efficient and quality solutions that suit the needs of each project. He believes the company’s success is dependent on investing the time to learn new techniques and technology while incorporating the timeless skills on which the industry is built.

Travis Perry

Travis began his construction career as a mechanic for a large local general contracting company where he dealt with a variety of site equipment. Travis has owned and operated his own construction company since 2006. In this entrepreneurial adventure, Travis has discovered what he enjoys doing most – working directly with clients. He considers open communication and common goals as the keys to a successful project.

Above: Jayson and Travis stand at Anything can happen in the woods, designed by Plan B Architecture & Urbanism of New Haven, CT. Tovey-Perry Co. built this site-specific public art installation for the inaugural exhibition of Exhibit Columbus. 

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